Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but it all starts with a good pair of jeans!!


Shopping for the right pair of jeans is almost as difficult as finding the perfect ring! They have to fit just right and look really good!

For those who have never worn or seen adaptive clothing, they may imagine  an unfashionable look or something that looks like a hospital gown. I know I did! The first time heard the term, “adaptive clothing”,  I researched it online and for a long time adaptive clothing meant giant buttons, funky waist bands, and outdated print material. They looked like homemade clothing that your grandmother put together for you in her sewing room.

head-shotHeidi McKenzie was injured in a traumatic car accident in 2007 causing a SCI (Spinal Cord Injury) at the T-4. She is paralyzed from the chest line down’ but that does not stop her! After her injury she pursued a degree in Small Business Management. After realizing how difficult it is to find adaptive clothing that looks good, she chose to launch her own line, Alter Ur Ego Jeans.

Learning how to get dressed…

Immediately after the onset of my injury while in rehab all I wore was hospital gowns. The only training my PCA (personal care assist) got was how to  put  sweatpants and yoga leggings on me. So when I left the hospital, for months that was all I wore.. They were the easiest for my PCA  to put on or take off of me. The first time I+ got to try on a pair of jeans, I cried. It made me feel “normal”. However, I foundd it extremely difficult on my PCA to put them on or take them off. The look that was “in” back then was tight fitting low rise jeans and that the was all I you could find on store racks.

Getting jeans over my Latina booty and past my hips is difficult!


Since I became a wheelchair user, I need jeans that will get passed my hips, over my booty, cover my waistline so my crack is not hanging out when I bend over, and be long enough to hide my socks, because I sit all day and the average pair of jeans are NOT long  enough. Most importantly, I gotta look cute if I ever want get a guy to buy me that diamond ring right? Alter Ur Ego does all of the above and more.

Why Alter Ur Ego is perfect fit!

jeansHeidi thought of everything with her unique design. To start these jeans have a high waistline elastic band in the back and in the front they are cut and sewn to simulate a button and zipper. Inside the waistline, there are hoops for me to pull my jeans up. Which makes it great for independently self catheterizing.

I do not use an indwelling catheter, however this neat design has a slit in the crotch area for easy access for someone that does.

When I saw Alter Ur Ego jeans for the first time, I thought,”What is up with that weird stitching in the thigh area? What a funky look!” When I tried the jeans on I was like, “YES! these are pockets I can really use!” These jeans have wide pockets in the thigh area that are deep and very easily accessible to any hand, making items safe and easy to independently get to.

I really like these jeans! I am giving them a BIG thumbs up!!


The only two downsides about these jeans which happens with a lot of brands is they tend to run small. So because it is an online order and you can not try them on first before purchasing, be sure to order one size bigger than your regular size. The other downs downside is the price. Like most adaptive clothing because production is not as high as mainstream brand, cost of production is higher. There for the cloths is a little more expensive than the average store bought jeans. However, the quality of these jeans make up for the price.img_8727 I literally comfortably wore Alter Ur Ego jeans for three days straight to do this review and I loved them! These dark, thick, but comfortable jeans are made with quality materials and stitched together really well. They were fashionably designed and well put together. These jeans are a perfect fit and like a diamond a ring will last forever!

Alter Ur Ego has been featured

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The Mighty      Huffington Post         Mashable


I am honored to announce that Alter Ur Ego is an official sponsor of my women with disabilities empowerment conference, Each by Name, taking place in La Mesa, California on November 5, 2016. The all day conference will close with a grand finale fashion show. So if you would like an up close look at Alter Ur Ego jeans and other cool adaptive clothing designs, join us November 5, 2016 at, Each by Name

What’s next for ALTER UR EGO?

mensdemo_1024x1024Heidi will be expanding her line of jeans to create a more inclusive brand. Jeans will be avail for men, children, and plus sizes. What pair of good jeans doesn’t have cool matching T-shirt? Heidi is adding humor to her brand with a line of humors Alter Ur Ego T-shirts to go perfect with your jeans and really get everyone rolling!

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Margarita Elizondo is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, producer/host of Wheel Talk Wheel Issues, model, author and an ambassador for the Los Angeles Abilities Expo. She was paralyzed in 2006 after an intruder broke into her home. Now, a single mother of three and grandmother, she pursues a degree in Communication at Grossmont Community College, and works for Axia Management where she designed a wireless phone service for seniors and individuals with disabilities. As Ms. Wheelchair California 2013, she is a strong advocate in the disability community and volunteers for numerous nonprofits. You can follow her @Ms_Hotwheels on Twitter and Instagram, or reach her on Facebook or through